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Urban Rec & Just Play

David Argyle

Mads and the team from Urban Rec are a breath of fresh air in the Sydney social sporting scene.
We are pumped to announce that as of today Just Play and Urban Rec have partnered up to help individuals that want to play but don't have a team to get involved.

All Urban Rec competitions place a strong emphasis on meeting people and having fun. As a result they run some of the friendliest competitions around.

Urban Rec offer a range of sports, including: Basketball, Netball, Touch, Dodgeball, Volleyball, 5-a-side, Softball, Flag Gridiron and even a Multisport league where the sport played changes weekly! (Perfect if you can't decide what to play, or want to give everything a go!).

They have 10 different inner city Sydney venues, so chances are they will have something for you.

For a full list of available comps:

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