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Top 5 reasons people play sport with us

David Argyle

2016 saw us welcome over 4000 new players, so we thought we would start off 2017 by putting together the top 5 reasons they gave us for joining: 

1. They haven't played in a while.  Looking to get back in to a sport you played when you were younger? We can take you back to your glory days.
2. For social reasons. Who couldn't do with a couple more friends? We've got some friendly teammates we'd like you to meet.
3. They moved house. Living in a new area and looking for something to do? We can help you become a local in no time.
4. To improve their fitness. Looking for a fun way to get active? Playing sport each week is more enjoyable than an unused gym membership.
5. They wanted a new challenge. For some it's a conventional sport like Basketball, Soccer, Netball or Touch Rugby. Others go for the mayhem of Dodgeball, a social game of Streetball or to get their Aussie Rules fix playing Footy 7s.

Whatever your game, we've got something for you to play in 2017. JUSTPLAY.COM.AU

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