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New game and team management system

David Argyle

We've just released our new player management system and this is now being used to manage all games.

The 5 most important items are as follows:

  1. All players are now automatically RSVP'd as 'playing' for all games.
    If you are unable to play you simply need to change your status to unavailable by clicking the Red X next to the game or by marking the date as unavailable in your calendar (We really appreciate it when we get at least 36 hours notice).

  2. The time listed is the actual start time of the game, so please arrive 10 minutes before this.
    We used to list the time as 10 minutes before the start, but we now list the actual start time. Don't let it catch you out as venues are extremely punctual in starting games.

  3. Your new dashboard has an inbuilt messaging feature, allowing you to contact us and get a fast response within our office hours of 10am - 6pm (and outside of that when we can be available).

  4. You now have the ability to book in for extra games outside of your normal team. No more sitting by the phone waiting for an SMS from us, just have a search of available games and book yourself in using a credit (we've given everyone 3 single game credits by default - and will include 3 game credits with every season sign up going forward). Note that these games are only available where the team doesn't have the minimum number of players RSVP'd as Playing.

  5. We now have a weekly game report that can be filled out by anyone who played in the game. This takes two minutes and is best done immediately afterwards at the venue, by anyone who played. It simply lets us in the office know the score, who attended the match and a brief summary of how your game went and if we need to follow anything up. If someone is marked as attending and doesn't turn up - please complete the game report and mark that they didn't attend. This will allow us to follow them up and ensure it doesn't happen again.

You can always access the system at: app.justplay.com.au or by heading to our homepage at: justplay.com.au and hitting the Player Login button in the top right of the screen.

If you have any issues getting setup or just want to provide some feedback then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


David, John and the Team at Just Play

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